Fairtrade Kids Clothing, Toys & Accessories

In 2004, Hathay Bunano ps, a non-profit organisation was launched in Bangladesh by Samantha Morshed to empower local women by teaching them how to knit. Starting in her spare room in Dhaka with 12 local women, they had started producing their first order in 3 weeks. 


Today, branded as Pebble, they are distributing across 34 countries.
Pebble produce childrens toys, hats, blankets & accessories in fun & cute styles that spread smiles worldwide.
All of pebble products are produced in rural Bangaldesh by extremely talented & capable artisans who are treated fairly & with dignity.


All of the cotton is organic Fairtrade which means that it meets the fairtrade social, economic & environmental standards. This includes the protection of workers' rights & the environment, the payment of the Fairtrade minimum price & an additional premium to invest in business & community projects.


Fairtrade cotton also prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds in production


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