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Since 1986 Dibella has been producing textiles goods for the restaurant, hospitality and healthcare sector where quality & functionality are the core principles of their business. Throughout Europe, they provide commercial leasers of fine linens with industrial textiles where quality means producing durable textiles that are designed and tested with the commercial laundry service in mind. 


We stock bedding & bath linens from Dibellas Fairtrade range which are made from sustainable textiles that improve the living & working conditions of many people including the smaller farmers from the global south who can earn a higher income. Child & forced labour is prohibited at their factories & high safety levels are implemented where fire prevention & evacuation drills must be performed.


The sustainable textiles that Dibella produce protect the health & environment in our own country & in the country of origin. The smaller farmers cultivate their fields using eco-friendly practices & without dangerous pesticides or genetically manipulated seeds. Strict environmental standards are observed at the factories & the use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited & waste water must be filtered.


Dibella combines the high standard of both Fairtrade & Gots for sustainable hotel textiles. The social & environmental standards defined by these two independent organisations apply all along the entire cotton value chain, resulting in hotel textiles that are produced fairly & sustainably. Simply good!
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