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At fairthreads.ie we are committed to providing you with ethically sourced & quality bed & bath linens. With that in mind we have some more information about our Bed & Bath suppliers


Dibella GmbH Germany


Since 1986 Dibella Germany has been providing commercial leasers high quality linens for the restaurant, hospitality & healthcare sector. Due to the nature of their business, quality & durability is of paramount importance. Dibella also has a range of high quality bed & bath linens that are fairtrade certified of which we supply
In 2016, Dibella bought almost 1,000 tons of hand-picked organic cotton from India where the Fairtrade & Gots certified fibres were exclusively harvested by micro scale farmers which belong to the Chetna Organic Cooperative.


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Jules Clarysse Belgium


Jules Clarysse is an international producer of kitchen & bath linens, producing more than 100,000 towels every day! Headquartered in Belgium, Jules Clarysse is a vertically integrated company playing a pioneering role in the area of sustainable business operations.
The Fairtrade cotton towels that we offer from Jules Clarysse are produced in Belgium with the cotton harvested in Mali, West Africa.


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