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Jules Clarysse is an international producer of kitchen & bath linens, producing more than 100,000 towels every day! Headquartered in Belgium, Jules Clarysse is a vertically integrated company that plays a pioneering role in the area of sustainable business operations.


Jules Clarysse is the first weaving mill in Belgium that produces Fairtrade quality bath towels with certified cotton from Mali.


They are the first licensee to produce Fairtrade cotton towels & this licence obligates them to pay royalties and annual fees on turnover declared every 3 months.


The towels that we sell from Jules Clarysse have the Fairtrade certification which ensures that the farmers who produce the cotton in these towels are guaranteed the Fairtrade minimum price plus a further premium to be used for community development projects.


This also encourages the producers to continuously improve working conditions & product quality to increase the environmental stability of their activities & to invest in the development of their organisations & the welfare of their producers/workers.

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